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Products from arround the world
Products from arround the world

Dr Don P. N. Kahawe  Description: chartered_marketer_logo
Dip M, MCIM, FABRM, MSc Marketing, DBA, Chartered Marketer (UK)    

  Manusha Wickramaratne
(Cert RBCB)

Hello and Welcome to our Brochure 2017

It is our mission to help our customers to be more sophisticated in achieving their targets in 2017. Our catalogue is more simplified and inwardly focused to achieve its purpose.

Over one thousand strategically selected wide range of multicultural food products are listed with high resolution images. The Team of Marketing Professionals at Serendib have scored the global market to find the best range of quality products to suit the multicultural market in the UK.

2016 was certainly challenging, but our suppliers and customers together, we reached the set targets and celebrated our victories with pride. After such a difficult era, our attention now moving to 2017 with Brexit on one hand and America’s political turmoil on the other. People always manage to find some barriers in the market with social and economical factors, but marketers will always be one step ahead to drive our businesses forward for success.

UK’s historic vote to leave the European Union will now in all likelihood lead to negotiations about the Brexit and the new relationship with the EU. Over 50% of the products in our range are imported from EU, certainly we should expect some changes, but we aim high and expect to overcome the barriers with a positive mind.
Our strategy for 2017 is simple: work hard to retain our existing customers and to find new markets in the global village for British products. Positive thinking towards Brexit and its outcome is vital, currency fluctuation and the political changes in the USA shouldn’t be considered as a threat but as an opportunity to create a better foundation for our businesses in the New year.

However the world has changed and so have our shopping habits, with the new technological revolution, customers have become more sophisticated and resourceful. Their decision making process has been more versatile than ever, they are not just driven by fancy advertisements, competitive prices or past experiences. It has come to a stage where customers have the power to compare and choose the best bundle of branded and non branded products among the substitute products available in the market.

We have been very successful on identifying new trends in the market by choosing the right product right suppliers and the right market segment in order to stay competitive in the multicultural market in the United Kingdom. Our recent introductions such as Starbucks Coffee, Mammas Cakes, Nakd Health Bars, Ta-daa cooked vegetables range, YCOOK Sweet Corns and 7 Days Croissants will enhance our sales in the new year.

Last but not least let me take you through few of our successful events in the last year. Our expansion to the wholesale sector was tremendous and we are now a dominant player for some brands for wholesale cash & carry and delivered wholesalers in London. We are now exporting to France, Germany & Belgium.
In Serendib Global Foods Ltd: The Loyalty, Ethics, Professionalism and the Dedications in our services are the corner stones of its reputation. Working together with a team of professional suppliers and the buyers have made our system more productive and responsive to meet new customer demands at its best. Lets work together and achieve our targets in 2017.

I thank you all for your continuous support on behalf of Serendib Global Foods Ltd and look forward to a productive year ahead.